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CLEAR-IT is all natural, so there is never any danger of an overdose or toxic buildup. However, because it is natural, it has a limited life cycle. We have found it works best, if after the first treatment, it is applied every two weeks during warm weather – above 50 degrees. In the Midwest United States, the season runs from April through October.



CLEAR-IT is a liquid extract that is applied by mixing it with water and spraying it over the area to be treated. The amount will vary depending on the time of year treatment is started, the condition of the water, and the size of the area to be treated. The area to be treated can usually be sprayed from the shore, but in some cases a boat may be required.


Fast Acting

The liquid extract in CLEAR-IT is just as effective as Mother Nature’s product, and is more fast-acting. In its raw form, it takes a number of months for the rotting process in Barley Straw to start, before it triggers “nature's own clarifier.”

With CLEAR-IT, there’s no waiting to “pull the trigger.” Once applied CLEAR-IT begins to work immediately.


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