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CLEAR-IT all-natural, concentrated extract of Barley Straw is the ideal "Eco Friendly" and effective solution to clarify water.

CLEAR-IT is an all natural compound derived from Barley Straw that clarifies your water as nature intended. The loss of clarity can destroy the natural beauty of water. Cloudy water can lead to a downward trend of life in a body of water—be it a waterway, pond, or lake.

The accumulation of layers of dead, decaying matter can rob water of oxygen needed by fish and other plant life. This leads to an accelerated reduction in a water body’s life cycle.

The liquid extract in CLEAR-IT is as effective as Mother Nature’s product, and is more fast-acting. Fresh Barley Straw takes a number of months for the rotting process to start, before it triggers “nature's own clarifier.”

With CLEAR-IT, there’s no waiting to “pull the trigger.” Once applied CLEAR-IT begins to work immediately to clarify your water. Because it contains no herbicides or synthetic chemicals, CLEAR-IT is harmless to fish, plants and other forms of wildlife.


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