Good News for Lily Growers


Good news for lily growers! Environmental experts in the UK have developed a special plant food for lilies that also clarifies pond water and keeps it free from algae. FEED-IT is a specially formulated mixture of plant nutrients to aid the growth and development of lilies and Macrophytes while suppressing the growth of algae. The formula combines special food for lilies with extract of barley straw that keeps algae from utilizing their own nutrients in pond water.


FEED-IT provides a natural, non-toxic way to rid ponds of the nuisance algae that grows on precious lilies and marginal plants, suffocating the leaves and causing an unsightly mess. The nutrient complex in FEED-IT stimulates the growth of healthy lilies, which provide shade and coverage of the pond surface, discouraging further algal growth.


Barley straw has been used for decades in the UK for pond clarity. Recently, a UK water company commissioned the development of a liquid extract of barley straw that has advantages over the straw itself:

  1. It begins to act immediately with no need to wait for the straw to decompose.

  2. There is no messy residue to remove after decomposition.

  3. The extract is less expensive overall than the straw. 

Eco-Ponds USA is now importing FEED-IT and an entire line of ‘IT’ all natural pond products for distribution in the US market. This is the first season, and you can be the first to experience the advantages of this new product in the lily market.


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