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Nature’s Formulas...

Nature has always found a means to preserve her ecology. Through her own natural resources, she developed various ways to keep waters pure.


ECO-PONDS products are specially formulated and concentrated with Mother Nature’s ingredients to help her keep water clean and pure. IT products contain no herbicides, pesticides or synthetic chemicals, so they won’t harm fish, plants or wildlife.


ECO-PONDS all natural, non-toxic products are fast-acting, clean and simple to use. And because they’re all natural, there’s never a risk of overdose.


So if you're looking for the solution to your pond care needs, ECO-PONDS has IT and... IT Works!


ECO-PONDS has a complete line of all natural solutions for your pond care maintenance needs





Extract of Barley Straw - Clarifies Water Faster!


Freshens & Deodorizes While Clarifying Water


Feeds Plants While Clarifying Water


Keeps Keep Pond Bottoms Clean


Helps Make Water Healthy for Fish and Plants


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