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REMOVE-IT is specially formulated for the reduction of sludge and decaying vegetation from pond bottoms.

As vegetation dies and decays in ponds, it settles to the bottom as sludge. This organic material builds up and raises the bottom, making ponds shallower each year. Without enough natural micro-organisms, the base of the pond can become sludge-bound. Mother Nature provides tiny clean-up crews in the form of bacteria that digest organic matter and debris. But sometimes she needs help.

REMOVE-IT provides a carefully selected range of aerobic and anaerobic bacteria and their enzyme systems. They speed up the breakdown of organic matter, working in the same way as naturally occurring micro-organisms, but faster.

Adding REMOVE-IT to your pond regularly through the summer helps ensure that the base of the pond stays free of sludge and prevents the need to clean it each year. It also digests dead matter resulting from water clarification and vegetation control products and helps prevent the boom-and-bust cycle or eutrophication.


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