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IT Products: A Value Proposition


CLEAR-IT™ and the all-natural ‘IT line of pond products provide value to pond-owners who are seeking a natural solution to maintenance and water clarity problems.

  • The products are completely natural and harmless to natural organisms. There is no toxic build-up of chemical or metal residues common to pesticides, including copper sulfates and chelated products. CLEAR-IT™ works on the nutrients existing in ponds, but does not kill algae.

  • Because CLEAR-IT™ does not kill algae or promote the growth of bacteria, which die and decay, it does not release nutrients back into the water. Release of nutrients by dead algae and bacteria causes recurrent cycles of algae growth, starving the water of oxygen and leading to eutrophication.

  • CLEAR-IT™ works like barley straw, but is faster than the straw itself. The extract is already decomposed and starts to work immediately, cutting the time to effectiveness in half.

  • CLEAR-IT™ is cleaner to use than barley straw. There is no messy residue to remove at the end of decomposition.

  • It is easier to use. Barley straw usually comes in bales, which must be broken apart and put into bags for decomposition to occur. It is now also available pre-packaged in bags and matts, but those, too, must be removed when no longer effective. CLEAR-IT™ comes in a specially designed self-measuring bottle: just measure and pour.

  • It is less expensive than barley straw. An average 1000-gallon pond requires at least 2 bales of barley straw for a summer season. CLEAR-IT™ will keep the pond clear for a season at half the cost.


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